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Bar Management is a fun and rewarding occupation if it is done properly, and can also be extremely stressful if it isn't!

As the leading restaurant and bar management training and resource website in the UK we have the knowledge and expertise to help you run a successful bar. We have a lot of experience in the industry and are now able to share our experiences with you. Learn how to run a bar the way we do, with tried and tested hints, tips, examples and step by step instructions. Each of the main topics involved in running a bar are covered in our free training book, have a look below for more details.

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The main topics covered in our Bar and Cellar Management training book are:

Effectively order, rotate, count and store your stock.
Learn how to change barrels, kegs, gas and post mix.
Cleaning your lines, bar and cellar hygiene.
Display and promote your stock to increase sales.
Train your staff effectively.
Your responsibilities and the Law.....plus lots more.

As the leading restaurant manager resource website in the UK since 2007 you can be assured that our training book contains real advice written by real professionals to help you achieve real results!
Have access to expert advice 24 hours a day to guide you through the tougher times of running your restaurant and bar!
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