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How To Run A Hotel.
Anybody who runs a hotel wants it to be a success - it's why they do it!

Our guide on how to run a successful hotel.

Both in the UK & USA a high percentage of people don't actually know how to run a hotel and so they don't do it properly and as a result they don't get the success they desire.

We have years of experience in the hotel industry and can attribute our success at running hotels to a small but meaningful set of guidelines, which anybody who wants to run a successful hotel should seriously follow.

We call them the 5C's, these are:

Control Cost Effective Cleanliness Customer Service Creativity.


Basically this is your role, it covers everything from managing your employees, ordering and rotating stock, financial management, and also advertising and promoting your hotel. It means that you must be in the driving seat nobody else is going to run your hotel with the same dedication as you! This site contains information related to the above points and it is free to access.

Also visit our resource centre for useful books, guides and other items.

Cost Effective.

As with any business you have to keep a close eye on what you are spending. However this doesn't mean that you buy dirt cheap ingredients and furniture just to save a few pounds as this will backfire on you. Neither does it mean that you hike up your prices to make more, because this just doesn't work, your customers won't accept this.

What cost effective really means is that you prioritise and control your spending in order to increase your profit margins. 

Below are a few pointers for you to consider to help you run a cost effective hotel, whether you are in The UK or The USA:

Do you have more staff on duty than you actually need?
Do you pay more for your products and services than you need to?
Have a look around for better deals, wholesalers need business too!
Are you paying for services that you don't need?
Do you have a lot of wastage that could be reduced?
Are you using your gas/electricity efficiently?
Do you buy in items that you could actually make yourself for less?


This should speak for itself really, you certainly want to be running a clean hotel, as not only is it the law for you to run a clean and safe hotel, it is basically expected from you. Would you eat food that had been stored incorrectly in a dirty fridge? Prepared with dirty utensils? By a dirty chef in a dirty kitchen? Or sleep in a dirty bed?

I DOUBT IT!!! Neither would any customer you would want in your hotel! Just remember:


Customer Care.

This has to be one of the most important areas for you to get right when running a hotel, because your customers are your survival. If they are happy, then you will be happy. Customer care is a huge topic to cover, in fact we could design an entire website dedicated to this subject alone! Which is why we have decided to highlight the most important points about customer care in our opinion.

What is customer service?

The statement we feel best describes customer care is pretty much self explanatory, it is 'caring for customers'! Or how a hotel directs and creates its products or services towards the needs of the customer. Try to remember that if your customers feel looked after and appreciated then they will in turn look after and appreciate you.



This section is about making you stand out from all the other competitors in the area to make sure that you offer your customers a better experience than anywhere else. Being creative is all about trying new things, new dishes, new cocktails or a different service style that isn't available elsewhere in the area. 

The following ideas should give you some insight into how you can become more creative, whether you are in The UK or The USA:

Introduce new, exciting dishes on your hotel menu.
Improve your vegetarian, vegan, children's options.
Offer your customers a taste of a new dish while they are drinking in your bar.
Introduce fast check-in and checkout services for your guests.

Provide your wedding clients with free car hire to and from your hotel.
Provide your hotel guests with a special welcome basket in their rooms.
Remember to advertise all of your other hotel products in your guest bedrooms.

It is also very important for your success that you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to improve customer experiences. 

Competition isn't just the hotel next door it is every business who is trying to get the customers to spend the money they would spend at yours! Pay attention to the following areas and how your competitors are managing them, whether you are in The UK or The USA:

What are your competitors serving? How much are they charging?
How much do they pay their staff and how do they treat them?
Where and how do they advertise? Who goes there?
What offers, promotions and extras do they have available?




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