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Cleaning The Cellar

Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 29th October 2023

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It is important that you keep your cellar clean and tidy at all times. Do not forget that even though the products in there are sealed, they are still going to be consumed by your customers so hygiene and safety should be a priority.

You don’t need to go as far as having your cellar walls covered in stainless steel and your floor covered in lino!! (Not yet anyway!!!) All you need to do is keep things organised and in their right places, keep your cleaning products in a separate cupboard and wash as you go.

Cellars are prone to dirt, when you get your deliveries, the cellar door/ hatch is open onto the street, the kegs are usually dirty and the big one, when you change a keg you release some of the contents so you get the beer/lager etc on your walls and floors.

What we recommend is that when you are low on full kegs and can easily move the empty ones around deck scrub the floor in your cellar to remove any spilled products, wipe your walls also.

What we do is when we clean the lines we use the cleaning fluid we have pulled through and empty the buckets onto the cellar floor, then deck scrub it and rinse it thoroughly with water. You should always consider the health & safety implications when using cleaning fluid. (See your manufacturer’s instructions).

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