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Bar Troubleshooting

Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 29th October 2023

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From time to time you will experience problems trying to dispense drinks from your bar, some of them are simple and straightforward, others aren’t and require technical assistance from the manufacturers of your cellar equipment.

  1. I’ve changed the barrel but all that is coming through is foam.
    This is most likely due to the pressure of trying to pull through something that isn’t there when the keg is empty. If you continue pulling through the foam then you will eventually get a nice flow of the product.
  2. My product is dispensing very slowly.
    This is most likely due to your gas pressure. Go in the cellar and have a look at the pressure gauge, hopefully the problem is that the gas just needs changing.
    Alternatively check the pressure cylinder on the keg, if it is empty and the plastic ball has blocked the flow of the product you simply release it and draw some through until it is full.
    Check the contents of the keg, sometimes when the keg is almost empty there isn’t enough pressure to dispense correctly, you may need to change the keg.
    Also avoid looking stupid and check if the gas is on!!!
  3. My soft drinks taste like fizzy water.
    This is because the bag in box is empty, all you have to do is change it.
  4. My soft drinks are flat.
    This is because you gas has run out, or it is not connected properly. Go into the cellar to check all connections and gas pressure.

Here are 5 more things to be aware of:

If the beer is pouring with excessive foam, it could be due to the temperature being too warm or the pressure being too high. Adjust the temperature or pressure as necessary.

If the beer has an unusual taste or smell, it could be due to contamination. Check for mould, bacteria, or other contaminants in the lines or equipment and clean thoroughly.

If the beer is pouring slowly or not at all, it could be due to a clogged line or tap. Check for obstructions and clean the lines or tap as necessary.

If the beer is pouring with excessive head or "fobbing", it could be due to a dirty or damaged flow control valve. Clean or replace the valve as needed.

If the beer is pouring with excessive carbonation, it could be due to an overcarbonated keg or a high pressure setting. Adjust the pressure or bleed the keg as needed.


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