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Upselling Drinks

Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 29th October 2023

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The term up selling is used to define how you increase the sales the customer makes. You offer more than what is asked for.

The idea of up selling is to increase your sales.

There are simple ways to up sell your products at the point of sale in a bar or restaurant, a few examples of these are:

When To Up Sell

What To Up Sell

How To Up Sell

When the customer asks for a spirit

An extra measure

Simply ask if the customer requires ‘a large one!’

When the customer asks for a glass of wine

A larger measure

Simply ask if the customer would like ‘a large one’

When the customer orders wine

The whole bottle

Ask if they would like the bottle, it may work out cheaper for the customer

When a customer is ordering food

A bottle of wine

See above

When the customer is ordering food

Side orders

Ask if the customer would like a side order

There are many ways to increase your sales by up selling, have a look at the products you offer and see if you can work them into the order you are taking, remember to talk to the customer to find out what they want, make recommendations for them.

More information about upselling and ngeative can be found here.

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