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How To Pour The Perfect Pint

Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 29th October 2023

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Pouring the Perfect Pint

Pouring the perfect pint is a skill that requires practice and attention to detail. Whether you're pouring lager or bitter, follow these simple steps for the best results:

For Lager:

With lager you need to show some care as the product is very gassy and frothing will occur if you simply open the tap and allow the lager to flow in the glass.

  1. Hold the glass at an angle and touch the tap to the side of the glass.
  2. Allow the lager to flow until it reaches about halfway up the glass.
  3. Gradually straighten the glass until it's upright and full.
  4. If you want a decent head, lower the glass while the lager is flowing just before it reaches the top.

For Bitter:

Bitter is not as gassy as lager so it is easier to pour.

  1. Hold the glass at an angle and touch the tap to the side of the glass.
  2. Allow the bitter to flow until it reaches about a quarter of the way up the glass to form the head.
  3. Straighten the glass and let it fill.

With these simple tips, you'll be pouring the perfect pint in no time. Remember to be patient and take your time.

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